Thu, 12 Jul 2007
Photo session with Marina Bunina (Musrafy Birmans and Siberians)
Our third session with Marina Bunina and her absolutely smashing litters: one of Siberians and one of Birman in full variety of available colors and patterns  » More
Mon, 2 Jul 2007
Our photograph appears on the front-cover of "Why Cats Do That 2008" Calendar by Willow Creek Press
Our photo of two Maine Coon kittens playing with a Christmas toy appears on the front-cover of "Why Cats Do That 2008" Calendar by » More
Sun, 1 Jul 2007
Two of our photographs are featured in "Maine Coon Cats 2008" Calendar by Willow Creek Press
Two of our photographs are featured in "Maine Coon Cats 2008" Calendar by Willow Creek Press (ISBN: 1-59543-528-X) which is available at retailers across the world.

Find more information here ...  » More

Mon, 18 Jun 2007
Photo session with Christine Richards (Tonkaholics)
Today we photographed the wonderful cats of Christine Richards, enthusiatic and passionate about promotion of the breed and self-proclaimed Tonkaholic  » More
Fri, 1 Jun 2007
Six of our photographs are featured in "Burmese Cats 2008" Wall Calendar by BrownTrout
Six of our photographs are featured in "Burmese Cats 2008" Wall Calendar by BrownTrout (ISBN: 978-1-4216-2163-0) which is available at world"s leading retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Borders Books ...  » More
Sun, 25 Mar 2007
Photo session with Christine Powell & Allen Wells (Cheham Ragdolls)
We had a rare opportunity to organize a photo session at the home of Christine Powell & Allen Wells - the people in the very centre of Ragdoll fancy in United Kingdom and one of the first Ragdoll breeders in the country  » More
Sat, 24 Mar 2007
Photo session with Marcia Owen (Goldlay Birman, Burmese & Singapura)
We had an urgent requirement from a publisher for burmese kittens on white background on short notice. Nearly impossible to organize within 3 days, except that we had Marcia who has the right cats and kittens with relaxed attitude to life. We concentrated on photogtraphy ...  » More
Fri, 2 Mar 2007
Photo session with Joanne Seggie (Daisypurr British Shorthair)
Today we photographed three generations of the same cat family: Poppy - the Grandmother; Evie - the Mother; Dora, Oscar, Jack and Alfie - the kittens  » More
Sat, 17 Feb 2007
Photo session with Lorraine Hodgson (Eyzovblue Birmans)
An immaculately furnished and maintained, Lorraine's house is home to a bunch of energetic and athletic Birman cats and kittens, a rabbit and a hamster  » More
Sun, 11 Feb 2007
Photo session with Nicky Howells (Merrypurr Persians)
We returned to the house of Nicky to photograph her two new litters (of Devon Rexes and Persians) as well as to make photographs of her two beautiful daughters  » More
Sat, 3 Feb 2007
Added a section for the watercolors by Susan Alderson
Susan Alderson is a watercolorist. She is the owner and instructor at Brushworks Art Studio, Anaheim, California. Susan loved our photographs so much that she used some of them as a basis for her painting. We ...  » More
Sat, 13 Jan 2007
Photo session with Penni Cragg (Wakanda Cats)
Today we had the priviledge to meet a bunch of extremely friendly and extremely energetic La Perms with Native American names. The furry models were completely unafraid of photographers and their favourite entertainment was the exciting game of "steal and hide ...  » More
Sat, 30 Dec 2006
New website layout goes live
Our better and bigger website goes live.

The original website was launched on 2 Mar 2003. At the time, it was designed to demonstrate 40-50 of our best photographs. At the time, neither of us could foresee that in less then 4 years our photographic portfolio ...  » More

Sun, 17 Dec 2006
Photo session with Marina Bunina (Musrafy Birmans and Siberians)
While at Marcia's we also photographed Marina's newest arrivals - the wonderful and extremely fluffy Siberians.  » More
Sun, 17 Dec 2006
Photo session with Marcia Owen (Goldlay Birman, Burmese & Singapura)
We returned to Marcia to photograph more of her playful and relaxed Birmans, Singapuras and Burmese (and a single Siamese). As usual, we had two stars of the show: Sweetpea the Birman, who wanted to be in every frame) and Gemma the Singapura (who played the role of the ...  » More
Sun, 10 Dec 2006
Photo session with Sue and David Muspratt (Flamstone Abyssinians)
Sue and David aim to breed the friendliest kittens and also try to keep standards as high as possible so they have cats to show. On our arrival, we were simply mobbed by cats and kittens, who wanted to be photographed all at the same time. They wanted to be with us, they ...  » More
Sat, 9 Dec 2006
Photo session with Sally Plummer (Catsmagic Abyssinians)
Sally lives in a remarkable house on the edge of the hill with a breathtaking view of the river valley below. This is probably one of the most well-organized small breeder we ever saw with cats having their own "room with a view". Beautiful and active kittens are lovingly reared ...  » More
Sat, 9 Dec 2006
Photo session with Lydia Barrett
Lydia Barrett and her husband are living on a pirturescue farm near Gloucestershire. We principal objective of visiting was to photograph their unusual Abyssinian cats and kittens. But we were absolutely amazed and spellbound by the beauty of the farm and by the variety ...  » More
Sun, 19 Nov 2006
Photo session with Catherine Folger
Catherine is a small breeder of persians. She has just started (this is her first litter), but she already has a lot of show awards.  » More
Sun, 12 Nov 2006
Photo session with Lynne Geary (Lyndongraey Field Spaniels, Maine Coons & Siberians)
We returned to Lynne Geary to take more photographs of her Maine Coons, Siberians and the unimitable George the British Shorthair, in particular her new arrival - Vasilly The Read Siberian  » More
Fri, 27 Oct 2006
Short city break in Barcelona
We went on a short (8 days) city break in Barcelona, Spain. We spent half of our time in Barcelona itself and another half driving around the countryside in rented car (visiting several beautiful monasteries amon other things).  » More
Wed, 18 Oct 2006
Banbury Camera Club's Fourth Annual Exhibition
We participated in the Banbury Camera Club's Fourth Annual Exhibition.

Since the Banbury Camera Club moved to Chenderit School, Middleton Cheney, it has been able to take advantage of their wonderful facilities. This includes ...  » More

Sun, 6 Aug 2006
Photo session with Kelly Dove (Home of the Curly Selkirk Rex)
We are back to kelly for more photographs of her Selkirks. The kittens as usual behaved thremselves perfectly. Look out for a very special kitten who knows how to play the sentimental note to get something tasty.  » More
Fri, 16 Jun 2006
Photo session with Jan Bradley (Sheephouse British Shorthairs, Selkirk Rex and Scottish Fold)
Jan has been breeding British shorthairs since 1980 and has always loved the bi and tri colours and now has been breeding the chocolate and lilac series in these patterns  » More
Sat, 3 Jun 2006
Photo session with Joanne Donnelly (Jopalma Selkirk Rex and British Shorthair)
We could not get enough of curly Selkirk Rexes, so we jumped on the opportunity to visit Joanne to photograph her two new litters of kittens  » More
Sat, 25 Feb 2006
Photo session with Rachael Hill (Nightshade's Cats)
The loving home of cats, kittens and dogs, balanced, merry and living in perfect harmony. Rachael is very active in animal rescue, so apart from resident cats she regularly looks after a variety of RSPCA foster cats, some are real charactors. The kittens kittens proved to ...  » More
Sun, 11 Dec 2005
Photo session with Kelly Dove (Home of the Curly Selkirk Rex)
Selkirk Rex is something unique - it combines the curls of the angels, the long hair of persians, the looks of the little lamb and a dynamite personality  » More
Fri, 9 Dec 2005
Photo session with Lorraine Swaine (Ragamews Ragdoll Cats UK)
Lorraine is the premier UK Ragdoll breeder, living in West Yorkshire on the slope of the mountain with a breathtaking view of the river valley  » More
Sat, 26 Nov 2005
Photo session with (Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm)
Follow-up visit to the Butterfly Garden to do some more macro photography.  » More
Tue, 22 Nov 2005
Photo session with (Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm)
Desides being the birthplace of William Shakespear and just 20 minutes from our home, Stratford-upon-Avon has one of the largest exotic butterfly gardens in the country  » More
Sun, 2 Oct 2005
Photo session with Linda Vousden (MyMystic Tonkinese)
Linda is one of the UK foremost authorities on the Tonkinese. Linda is the author of many articles including the definite breeder reference "Tonkinese Cats" (ISBN: 1852790873) and the chairman of the Tonkinese Breed Club.

Her ...  » More

Sun, 21 Aug 2005
Photo session with Marina Bunina (Musrafy Birmans and Siberians)
Today we visited a fellow Russian, Marina Bunina, who breeds Birmans and Siberians. This is very fitting as Siberian is a uniquely russian breed - large, powerful, self-reliant and independent - the summary of Russian character. There is very little known about this breed in ...  » More
Sun, 14 Aug 2005
Photo session with Nicky Howells (Merrypurr Persians)
Nicky and her family breed Persians and Rottweilers (and they do not consider it even a little bit strange). On top of it, our timing was perfect (or lucky): we had both litters playing together: 2 persian kittens and 7 rottweiler puppies. The persian kittens are extremely cute ...  » More
Mon, 11 Jul 2005
Photo session with Joanne Seggie (Daisypurr British Shorthair)
This is our second visit to Joanne and her merry bunch. In keeping with tradition, she has 4 kittens (again), and what wonderful sociolized kittens they are: interested and curious, yet relaxed and prepared to go ahead with any ridiculous setup we come up with.

As ...  » More

Sun, 26 Jun 2005
Photo session with Anita Price (NoCoatOn Sphynx)
Today we had a unique opportunity to photograph very unique cats - Sphynxes. It was a truly remarkable experience for us and it shattered quite a few of misconceptions we had about Sphynx. First of all, they are not really hairless, but instead they have an extremely short ...  » More
Sun, 24 Apr 2005
Photo session with Sue Amor (Amorcatz)
Sue's home in Evesham is full of Tonkinese and Burmese cats, Burmese kittens, soft toys and photographs of fast sports cars. It is not a big surprise that out photographs from this session are full of compositions of kittens with fluffy toys.

Burmese ...  » More

Sat, 2 Apr 2005
Photo session with Jane & Graham Haggar (Solarus Orientals)
A home to wonderful orientals, russian blues (with names like ita) and Koi carps. Special attraction was a litter of 6 mischievous oriental kittens. The kittens looked like little gremlins (with huge cute ears) - active and interested, but capable to slow down ...  » More
Sat, 13 Nov 2004
Photo session with Candice and Adrian Prowting (Eiserblew Ragdolls)
Living right next to Southampton, Candice and Adrian breed traditional ragdolls. Their house is full of lovable, relaxed yet enterprising raggies, with whom we had a wonderful session (and we have lots of photographs to prove it).

Favorite snack of all ...  » More

Mon, 18 Oct 2004
Photo session with Audrey Magical (Magical Siamese)
The home of Audrey is the place where her cats are really living like kings - it is not surprising they were so relaxed and easy to photograph  » More
Sat, 11 Sep 2004
Photo session with Naomi Johnson (Vervain Cats - "Felines in Designer Genes")
The first session of the new photographic year was with Naomi Johnson's cats: asians, burmese, ocicats (and ocikittens), a Tiffanie and a Burmilla  » More
Sun, 18 Jul 2004
Photo session with Diane Lamacraft
 » More
Sun, 11 Jul 2004
Photo session with Connie Henderson (Zawadi Bengals)
 » More
Sun, 13 Jun 2004
Photo session with UK Breeder
A house full of bengal cats and kittens, british shorthairs, two outgrown Rottweiler puppies and a pot-bellied pig (among other animals)  » More
Sun, 30 May 2004
Photo session with Lynne Geary (Lyndongraey Field Spaniels, Maine Coons & Siberians)
Merlin the Maine Coon is a natural born poser and wishes to be the top cat. George The British Shorthair has a very high opinion about himself (which might be forgiven considering the amount of awards he won). Peaches The Maine Coon is the independent spirit hanging with ...  » More
Sat, 22 May 2004
Photo session with Sylvia Freeman (Sylvannia)
We returned back to "our roots". Sylvia is our friend who supported and encouraged us to take professional cat photography when we just started, helped us with ideas, backgrounds and gave good advice. She went further by bravely allowing us to organize our first two photosession ...  » More
Sat, 15 May 2004
Photo session with Marianne Brett (Blondbella Persian and Exotic Shorthair Cats, Belgian Shepherd Malinois Dogs)
Marianne presides over a house full of cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and other assorted pets. Remarkably all of them are living in harmony together, under the expert guidance of Marianne: besides breeding cats, she is an international judge, professional dog trainer ...  » More
Sat, 15 May 2004
Photo session with Divina Bates (Ingutchini Cockers Spaniels... and Exotic Shorthairs)
Do Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs, Exotic Shorthair cats an African Grey Parrot and a kakadu mix? Obviously they do and we have photographs to prove it  » More
Sat, 8 May 2004
Photo session with Mollie Southall (Coldenufforsnow Snowshoe Cats)
Mollie specializes in Snowshows and she breeds some of the best. Qetesh the Snowshoe was the star of the show - interested, quick and fluid. She was helped/distracted/annoyed by a trio of wonderful kittens.

By the way, "coldenufforsnow" is an anagram for "Cold enough for ...  » More

Sun, 2 May 2004
Photo session with Rosemarie Rae (Raeburasi: Asian, Burmese & Singapura cats)
We came to Rosemarie to photograph Singapuras, but spend most of our time with Burmese and Asian kittens. chasing each other non-stop around the room, playing tag and mobbing the poor photographers: "What is this thing you are pointing at me - let me take a closer look". ...  » More
Sat, 1 May 2004
Photo session with Judy Whiteford (Aswani Somalis, Abyssinians & LaPerms)
A merry mob of 5 bull terriers, a Great Dane, very articulative african grey parrot called Elvis (aka The Bird) as well as LaPerms, Somalies and Abyssinian cats  » More
Sun, 25 Apr 2004
Photo session with Dawn Cort (Poco Rainbow)
23 British Shorthair kittens! It is unlikely we are going to see that many kittens together again.

We were very optimistic hoping o take a great shot with all of them sitting and looking into camera. The caption was supposed to say "You could herd the cats!". Well, you are not going to see ...  » More

Wed, 21 Apr 2004
Photo session with Joanne Seggie (Daisypurr British Shorthair)
Loving home of Daisypurr, which is just few miles from our house. Very small breeder, which means that every single kitten is a very special member of the extended family complete with kitty Mom and an older kitty aunt. Not surprisingly, the kittens are extremely well-behaved, inquisitive and ...  » More
Mon, 12 Apr 2004
Photo session with June Gillies (Ballego Burmese, Asians & Bengals)
A house of June Gillies is full of cats, kittens and cats artwork. We had 4 kittens (3 LaPerm and a new bengal) and concentrated this session on "special" setups: hat, shopping basket, sausages and a Lego house - you could find some of them in our galleries.

There are very interesting relations ...  » More

Sun, 4 Apr 2004
Photo session with Karen & Steve Mould (Tyrius Tonkinese)
Tonkinese cats and Tonkinese kittens everywhere. We were very lucky to catch a new litter of beautiful Tonkinese kittens. The whole family participates in the kitten socialization (especially children), so kittens are remarkably well-behaved.  » More
Sun, 28 Mar 2004
Photo session with Raven & Larry Hay + Rogue + Furrari (Rogue & Furrari - Super-Bengals)
Introducing Rogue and Furrari: two extremely resourceful leopard-spotted bengals living in a beautiful old cottage in South Wales. Raven is a professional graphic designer, so Rogue and Furrari own the best personal website.

Interestingly, both Super-Bengals are clicker trained, which allowed ...  » More

Sun, 21 Mar 2004
Photo session with Chris & Derek Hughes (Merrydancer Cats)
Starring Ocicats (Lucy, Lottie and Padjuska) and "Ocikittens" (named after dances: Tarentella, Troika, Mazurka, Miranda, Morris, Last Waltz, Pogo, Sarabande, Odissi, and Pavanne) with guest appearances by Monty the Birman and Tiggie the Maine Coon  » More
Sun, 14 Mar 2004
Photo session with Lynsey Thomas (Seysiana Somalis, Tiffanies & Burmillas)
Lynsey lives in a beautiful old cottage in a company of cats, dogs and horses. Despite distraction from other four-legged creatures, we concentrated on Tiffanies, Burmillas and Tiffanie kittens: the motto of the session was "Easter spirit".

Tiffanie is ...  » More

Sat, 6 Mar 2004
Photo session with Heather Rice (Silkiestar Ragdoll Cats Silkiestar Siberian Cats)
Heather has a house and garden full of a horde of playful ragdolls and several Siberians. Ragdolls are as usual a fun to work with: inquisitive, yet easy-going.

This was the first Siberians we ever photographed and they were every bit as they should be - felines equally comfortable at home ...  » More

Sat, 28 Feb 2004
Photo session with Lisa Miles
Lisa Miles lives only a few miles from us. She ownes 3 beautiful cats: a Havana Brown oriental shorthaired and a blue point siamese cat - both siblings and also a moggy - Cleo.

Cleo is the oldest of them all - she is 6 years old and the boss of the bousehold. The siamese likes to ...  » More

Sat, 14 Feb 2004
Photo session with Emma Rhodes (Curlypurpot Devon Rex)
Devon Rex cats, dogs and amazonian stingrays - living in harmony with each other. A tiny kitten sleeping happily embracing Winston The English Bull Terrier is quite a sight.

Devon Rexes are extremely mischievous and demanding ...  » More

Sat, 7 Feb 2004
Photo session with Dorothy Price & Janet McGhee (Bemuser Burmese)
Burmese are a very special breed. They are spirited, assertive, strong-willed and resourceful cats - Napoleons of felines, despite these very compact build. They know precisely what they want, where they want it and when they want it - and how to get it. Burmese are always prepared to play and ...  » More
Sun, 1 Feb 2004
Photo session with Mary Dawkes
Mary Dawkes's Devon Rexes: Jaspur and Millie.

They are living in a picturesque cottage not very far from us. Millie is 15 years old! Jaspur is a youngster of only 13 years. Remarkably, neither Millie nor Jaspur allow their age to slow them down. They have been running around the room and jumping ...  » More

Sun, 18 Jan 2004
Photo session with Debbie Davies
Debbie Davies's Cornish Rexes: Jake, Harry and Milo.

Jake is a Cornish rex variant and therefore lacks a distinctive curly fur, but he compensates this by being absolutely the best behaved model we could wish for. Harry is a very dark smoke and Milo is a shy blue-and-white  » More

Sat, 17 Jan 2004
Photo session with Nicky Goulter (Shadycombe Cats)
Nicky is breeding Turks, Snowshoes and Siamese.

The highlights of the photosession were 2 litters of Turkish kittens - friendly, playful and interested in everything as all Turks are. Intermixed with the Turks was a teenager siamese kitten: tiny size, boundless energy and self-confidence. ...  » More

Sat, 3 Jan 2004
Photo session with Marcia Owen (Goldlay Birman, Burmese & Singapura)
We were very lucky to work with a very interesting combination of Birmans, Burmese and Singapuras. The star of the session was Sweetpea The Birman. Sweetpea is an extremely sweet, sociable and cute cat who simply thrives on human attention. Gemma The Singapura took the role ...  » More
Sun, 21 Dec 2003
Photo session with Alex & Mike Wake (Turkish Van Cat Club)
Alex and Mike have two odd-eyed Turkish Van females (one eye is blue and another is amber). It appears that odd-eyed cats are quite common among Turkish Vans, but this is a first for us and makes some quite dramatic photographs.

All the cats are traditional Turkish Van Cats - stocky, muscular ...  » More

Sun, 14 Dec 2003
Photo session with Ann Dyte (Niroke Colourpoints and Persians)
Persians and Colourpoints(Himalayans). Two huge stud boys: Oscar is looking quite wild and powerful (one of the photographs is informally called "Wild Persian"), Wills is having a huge mane reminiscent of lions, making him almost square in appearance. According to Ann, Wills "sole aim in life is ...  » More
Sun, 7 Dec 2003
Photo session with Sue & Steve Lloyd (Tansdale Pedigree Cats)
We originally came to photograph Turkish Vans, but we found also two cute Bengal kittens and a single (but very photogenic) Turkish Angora.

The biggest problem was to convince a stunning (but shy) Turkish Van Turkish Delight with amazing deep eyes to pose. After trying all of our usual assortment ...  » More

Sat, 8 Nov 2003
Photo session with Bryan & Dawn Holmes (Shizuko Norwegian Forest Cats & MenNeferMau Egyptian Maus)
A very surprising and interesting mixture of Egyptian Maus, Norwegian Forest Cats and Birmans living together. In this photosession we primarily concentrated on kittens, albeit we also photographed the "Dutch Prince" Ragnor Lodbrog (a large white norwegian, not the largest one we saw, but extremely ...  » More
Sat, 25 Oct 2003
Photo session with Sue Deane (Zydeco Maine Coons)
Our favorirites are a wonderful huge affectionate stud boy called Frosty and a couple of very Shy Main Coon kittens: Arnie and Victoria Beckoon. That's right - Arnie stands for "Arnold Schwarzenegger" and he tries to behave like his namesake.  » More
Sun, 12 Oct 2003
Photo session with Lynnette Cannell (Mabalakat Maine Coons)
Maine Coons, more Maine Coons and nothing but Maine Coons with heavy beautiful tuffs. Our personal favorites were "the big coward" Maltezer and "pirate queen" Blackberry. Maltezer is a huge stud cat in a "wild" colour pattern, and Blackberry is a very striking high contrast black ...  » More
Sat, 11 Oct 2003
Photo session with Diane Hunt (Mystere Colourpoints & Persians)
Gorgeous fluffy Persians and Colourpoints(Himalayans). My (Anatoli) personal favourite was Jasper and Val's was tiny Bon Bon. All the cats and kittens are living in a house and considered the photo session to be a free entertainment specifically arranged for them. The large bags ...  » More
Thu, 18 Sep 2003
Photo session with Tracy Murrell
A successful photosession last weekend with a large, playful and extremely interested Maelstrom Tarquinius Priscus (to friends known as simply Tackie)  » More

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