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"Cat Photography at a new level!"
Tigerpaw, Richmond, Virginia, USA (2006)
" I happened to find your site while browsing the internet. And I have instantly fallen in love! With your style of photography and of course the beautiful subjects you picked.
Unfortunately I don't live in England at the moment, so I can't ask you to take pictures of my 4 kitties (one British Black, two usual Abyssinians and my star model, a British Colourpoint).
I wish I could see you at work! As I know, being a cat person and a little bit of a photographer, how extremely difficult it is to photograph cats (or dogs!). Those lovely pictures on your site must have meant a lot of hard work for you! It would be very interesting to see how you actually take those beautiful photo's.
Hope you will continue your work, I have bookmarked your site and hope to see more from you in the years to follow. Wishing you lots of success, "

Ann (2004)
" I have just had a look at your web-site following your article in the August edition of the Cat World magazine and just wanted to drop you an e-mail to congratulate you on such a wonderful site!
I'd describe myself as an ultimate cat lover and these are some of the most professional cat photos I have ever seen, capturing the true spirit of the animal. "

Tracey Davis
"Cat lovers delight"
Bonni-Jene, San Antonio De Los Macedo, Jalisco, Mexico (2006)
"Really great photography of cats!"
kuipohi (2006)
" Your photos are absouletly supererb! I can't stop looking at the pictures and wondering how you managed to get your subjects to play to the camera. I have a feeling you both must like animals to get the reactions that you do from them. Bravo to both of you for your fine work. "
" This is just a short note to say how much I've enjoyed and appreciated your website. I'm a occasional photographer and cat lover and your pictures are excellent. The way you capture and frame your shots are inspired and this is the best collection of cat photos I've found on the internet. The picture of Shadow looking inquisitively at a small jangly ball is gorgeous and is just the sort of cat I'm looking for! Please continue to post new pictures as they make exciting viewing and hopefully you'll end up influencing people to think a bit more carefully about the cat pictures they attempt. Bravo! "
Ewan Birse
"I only had to see one picture. It made my day."
" I looked at your photo galleries and was very impressed - there are some excellent shots, and you both have a knack for capturing those unique expressions and poises - all the things that make a cat a cat! "
"Cat photograph galleries of two very skillful photographers. Cat photos with a different spin."
"Kitty heaven gallery"
" I've been searching the Net for the best cat photographers in the world, and I would like to say that I haven't come across any better cat photographers than you two, so congratulations on such superb photography. Your site is excellent too. "
Kris Jacques
"Lovely, funny and captivating cat photos"
" Some look way too staged, but the best of them are so loaded with Awwwwww, it hurts. "
" I fell in love with your "Freddiemyboy and Keith E ­ singing kittens" shot. What fantastic expressions! "
Bonnie Kuchler
" ... unusual, expressive images. It's easy to find beautiful portraits of cats sitting nicely, staring wide-eyed at the camera, but not so easy to find exceptional pictures of cats in action, doing things human friends might do, or making expressions humans might make. "

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